Abstract Guidelines

Abstract submission requirements: 

  1. 8th UNIMAS Public Health Seminar encourages submissions that present data for action and bring understanding to the field. Abstract should address work that are relevant, interesting, and topical. 

  2. As a matter of principle, the abstracts should contain original material from recent work and has public health value for the audience. 

  3. Abstract must be submitted in English. 

Abstract structure and content:


CATEGORY: e-POSTER presentation


Title of abstract in UPPER CASE, Calibri font with size 14-point, centered paragraph

e.g., 1Author, A.A., 1*Second Author, B.B., 2Third, C.C. & 2So-on, D.D.

(*Lead presenter 1, e-mail address of lead presenter, Institution, country)

Contact details: Fill in formal title, author’s first name, surname, organization, email address and other relevant details of the contact person for the abstract.


Abstract details:


Abstract is to be arranged in one paragraph in structure, that summarizes the key points of the manuscript (follow IMRAD format) not more than 250 words . It should be typed with justified alignment using Calibri font, size 12, and line spacing 1.5. Authors are obliged to mention 3-5 keywords, which are specific terms frequently used in the study. Any citation, abbreviation and acronyms are not allowed in the abstract. Authors are recommended to avoid trade name and symbols as well. The headings are as stated below:

1. Introduction

2. Objectives/aims

3. Methodology

4. Results

5. Conclusion and Recommendations

6. Keywords: 3-5 keywords, relevant to the scientific paper. Follow MeSH criteria

General information 

All submitted abstract will be reviewed by the PHS UNIMAS Committee. Ensure that you comply to the template before you write and submit your abstract. Abstracts that do not meet these formatting requirements will be rejected. The organizing committee reserves the right to edit abstracts for clarity or correctness of English but will consult the author if any significant changes are needed. Authors will receive notification of acceptance, or otherwise, via email by 7th February 2022. The template for the e-poster will be sent once the abstract had been accepted.

All participants are required to register to attend this seminar. All abstracts are to be emailed to: abstractuphsa8@gmail.com. Abstracts are to reach the Secretariat by 4:00pm on 26th January 2022. The e-poster are to submitted by 14th February 2022. Further details on the requirements of abstract submission, registration, and topics are accessible in this website.

After email, please fill in the following link for abstract registration:

Example of e-Poster (Vertical)

White Structure